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LCHS Operational Level


Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator (oil)

The course is approved by the Director General of Shipping vide approval No.TR/A/59/2001

Course Levels & Duration
IMC is approved by the D.G.Shipping for conducting two levels of the LCHS course. These courses are mandatory for all Indian Officers working in or desiring to work on board oil tankers to obtain their dangerous cargo

Level 1 (Operational Level - duration 3 days)
For cadets and ideally suited for Junior officers

Course Schedule
As per Availability of students- Check Current Schedule

Course Intake
12 Candidates per batch

Course Availability
Generally seats available to walk in students on the day of the class.

The Liquid Cargo Handling Simulator course is conducted as per Regulation I/12 of STCW '95 & Section B-I/12.40 of STCW code. The IMO model course 2.06 is used as a basic guideline for the conduct of this course.

The course curriculum consists of all operations normally associated with an oil tanker in a dry dock to dry dock cycle.


The course is a practical one and consists of a series of exercises structured around the operation of the cargo and ballast installation of an oil tanker and carried out on the Liquid Cargo Handling simulator. The trainees who successfully complete the course will make a safer and more effective contribution to the operation and control of the cargo and ballast installation of an oil tanker, which will improve ship safety and provide protection of the environment. At the end of the course the trainees will :-

Be familiar with different cargo operational equipment, instrumentation and controls.

Have a greater awareness of the need for proper pre-planning, the use of checklists and the time scales involved in the various cargo handling operations.

Have an enhanced awareness to apply proper and safe procedures at all times when carrying out the various operations on board an oil tanker.

Gain experience in identifying operational problems and solving them.

Show improvement in the ability to make decisions which promotes safety and protects the environment.

In short the Trainee should be able to understand and take direct charge of all operations on an oil tanker in a Dry dock to Dry dock cycle.

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