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Radar, ARPA and Navigation Course




The course is approved by the Director General of shipping vide
approval No. –TR/A/68/2001

Course Duration:

  • RANSCO Course Duration - 6 days
  • Course Schedule:

  • AS per Availability Of Candidates - Check Our Current Schedule

    Documents Required:
    1. 1 Copy of Certificate of Competency (COC)
    2. 1 Copy of the ARPA Certificate
    3. PP size photograph - 2 No's
    4. 1 Copie of Passport

    Course Intake:

  • Minimum 4 candidates
  • Course availability:
    Generally seats available to walk in students on the day of the class. However suggest book your seats in advance at least 3 days prior to start of class.

    The course "RADAR ARPA Navigation Simulator Course” is conducted as per IMO Model course 1.08 with the approval of The Director General of Shipping, Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India, for Maritime Training.


    This course provides training in the efficient and effective use of Radar as a navigational aid in congested , confined waters, recognize potential threats and make navigational and collision-avoidance decisions based on sound Radar observation and plotting in compliance with COLREG. Training is imparted to identify dangerous situation, to decide upon and take appropriate action. The curriculum exercises to plan, organize and manage a Bridge Team, making use of all navigational data, to communicate during distress using the GMDSS equipment, to respond to distress message, co-ordinate and execute a search and rescue operation. The syllabus meets the requirement under the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers, 1978 (STCW 1978) as amended in 1995. This model course aims to meet the minimum training standards in Table A-II/2 of STCW 1995. This program is for Officers at the management level.

    The Simulator:
    The simulator at IMC consists of 4 independent and interactive own ship stations each with an IMO complaint Radar /ARPA Display, Control Panel with all navigation and engine controls, Real Steering Wheel, One Channel Visual and Electronic Chart system. The course runs for 35 Hrs with demonstrations and simulator exercise constituting over 75% of the course time table.